Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Olivetti 100s Drivers

Weekly Review VIII

Sat: Fussell for the baby, night of nights, Lengfelder ceremonial meeting
Sun: latte in the party room
Mon: Bowling in Rottendorf
Tuesday: Game Night (zombies) in English
Wed: Fussell at Stapf
Thu: Altweiberfasching (karaoke bar, Uschi, Irish Pub , nochma karaoke bar, Sternbäck)
Fri: Carnival Friday (Sternbäck, Uschi, Loma, nochma Sternbäck, Ludwig)
Sat: Carnival Saturday (hereafter, karaoke)

Sat: Baby, Moe, Mateo, Blacky, Julia, Sonya, Tanja, Rolli, pest, Kerstin, Zarah, Babs, Schmolli, thighs, Nici, Hans, Sebi H., Mosti, Lina
Sun: Thomas, Fabian, Mayer
Mon: Moe, Luis, Anna, Frank, Nadine, pimples, Flo
Tue: English, Hannah, Thomas, Fabian
Wed: Paul, Humi, Stapf, Blacky
Thu: pest, Jonas, Kevin, Nici, Herby, Hanna, Spaniards, Eylül, Nina, Ben, little hobbit, Nicole, Lolli, Zara, Betty, Öbbel, Tine, Friedl, Klingi, Teresa, Lina, Jochen
Fri: Sascha, Jochen, Schnatz, Marcel, Burgl, Rasim, Paul, baby, Sonja, Tanja, Stefan , Fabio, Nadia, Nina G., Eylül, Teresa, Lina, Kathi
Sat: Johanna, pimples, Hanna, pest, Kelly, Moe, Teresa, Fabian, English, Nina G., Eylül, Baby, F and P. Matze ., Jochen

carnival in Review is the next day :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can A Man Only Have One Testical

When I look at the table so ...

it is perhaps not far wrong, that Bayern have to do with the championship this year nothing.

14th Wolfsburg (26P.): Champion 2009 15th
Werder (25P.): Champion 2004 16th
Kaiserslautern (24P.): Champion 1998 17th
Stuttgart (22P.): Champion 2007 18th
Gladbach (19P.): Although a few days ago, but still ... champion in 1977

Where would I find it somewhere nice if they at least still third would be ...